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15 December 2009


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How do you warm up fast in the morning after camping in the cold?
I absolutely love camping and spending time outdoors, but one thing that always gets to me is waking up in the cold morning hours and dealing with the cold temperatures after an entire night of my body not generating heat from being active. After about 20 minutes or so I start to warm up, but the initial seizing shivers and low core temperature are an annoyance to say the least.

What can I do to speed up the process and get warm fast?

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The vast majority of sweat glands in the body are innervated by sympathetic cholinergic neurons. Sympathetic cholinergic neurons are sympathetic postganglionic neurons that happen to release acetylcholine instead of norepinephrine.


When planning your route best to take into consideration weather and climate so that you travel during easy spells and resting during more harsh conditions. Some good tips here which will help your progress more effective.


Another tip about tents is to keep the material pulled tight. This makes them much more efficient. This is from experience.

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Thank you for this tips. These are very interesting. Let me try to apply them next time.


put a comfy blanket inside your slepping bag plus a heavy blanket on top (wool is good for the top blanket if you have one). Definitely wear a hat to bed and keep your head under the sleeping bag. Always sleep with socks on. In super cold temps it's not unheard of to sleep with shoes on. Makes for sweaty feet but hey! As for those freezing shivering cold mornings one endures for a good 20 minutes or better. Prior to building a campfire, heat coffee, soup or tea on your campstove asap then build a fire. I find the Folgers instant coffee bags to be a tasty lifesaver for warming up in a hurry. If you don't have instant you can always cook a pot of coffee the night before so all you have to do is heat it up in the morning. Hope this helps. Tj aka die-hard camping fan gal


PS- and layer, layer, layer your clothes when in a sleeping bag for the night. I put a heavy sweatshirt over my t-shirt as to keep in body heat and to sleep more comfortably. There is nothing worse than going to bed in light clothing and waking up hours later shivering and cold, reluctant to go out and take that middle of the night bathroom run. When first climbing into a sleeping bag in light clothing one might feel warm and comfy but after hours of sleeping and dropping temps, you'll wake up humbled, frozen and wishing you had layered your clothing prior to slipping into your bag for the night! Plus i keep my tennis shoes right inside the tent door which is handy when just getting up. These tips worth remembering and passing on. Happy trails!

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One thing that I always remember to pack when going camping is a flash with good 'ol whisky:)

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i prefer to do rv camping, but to be true the tent camping is tent camping. as one fully interact with nature and experience the life in natural and real way rather than to take shaver in RV.

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En allant sur le terrain dans des conditions enneigées, vous devez d'abord examiner la façon dont vous allez Voyage. Si le manteau neigeux est peu profond ou tassée vous pourriez considérer simplement de la marche à vos bottes en cuir robuste. Si la neige est moins consolidés vous devez utiliser en raquettes ou en skis de fond de Voyage. Vous pouvez vous attendre à le faire environ deux km / h sur les raquettes et environ quatre km / h sur les skis sur un terrain de niveau.

Aussi, considérons que votre itinéraire sera nettement moins évident que de suivre un sentier tout simplement emballé ou flambé au cours des mois d'été. Assurez-vous que vous avez une bonne carte et boussole, même mieux. Tour à tour, de rupture. Gardez un rythme soutenu qui vous empêche de trop transpirer obtenir ensuite réfrigérées lorsque vous arrêtez de se reposer. Et, si vous êtes dans le pays d'avalanche, assurez-vous que vous en savez assez sur la dynamique de la neige pour assurer votre sécurité.

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And, if you are in avalanche country, make sure you know enough about snow dynamics to keep yourself safe.

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I agree, when you are planning your route, it is a best idea to take into consideration weather and climate so that you travel during easy spells and resting during more harsh conditions.

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Thank you so much for the tips. really helpful for campers who prefer to go out when it's snowing. :)

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excellent tips! you know i really don't like camping because it's so cold but not now, thanks for this excellent tips of yours. yay!

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The summer has its own charm, but its quite good and new experience to camp in winter while holding the hot coffee mug in the gloved hands.

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Camping Gear Tents

Great tips for winter camping! I've done a lot of cold weather camping in the Army and have found that exercise is the best way to get warm in the morning.


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