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08 December 2010


holyland tours

This entire concept sounds ridiculous to me. I mean going to the great outdoors and setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere shouldn't be something you need to book online.


How do we cancel a res....2-14535328?


I know where and when I want to go ...Nothing is ever available...What do people do....stay up all night....I should be able to go camping with a year in advance notice!! What should I do?


I know we have tried for 6 years to book a goup site at the earliest possible time and they are always booked up. What is the trick?

TO cancel reservation you must go to your reservation by signing on. Look up your reservation, click on Details, this will give you an opportunity to change or cancel your reservatino

Lori Platts

Is Reserve America open to book sites on SUNDAY, Jan. 2nd?


as I sit here all morning trying to book. I think the answer is NO. any luck?


Getting a spot at a State Beach in So Cal is the worst. I now login 30 min ahead, select my site,dates and wait until 7:59 and seconds before 8:00(watching clock on computer/cell) hit enter, cross my fingers,etc.. Didn't get what I wanted this year, but.. did get another site. Hope this helps.

Richard Nalder

any ideas why I can't book a site through reserve america. I go through all the steps but it doesn't take me to the page where I can enter ehicle length, number of vehicles, etc.

Larry Reimers

My two friends do not have computers. I go to make them a reservation along with mine and they tell me "only 1 reservation can be made for the same arrival date. How do I get to camp with my friends? What has happened to the State Of Illinois?


Can you only book 14 days a year for the same campsite now??? Whats up?


How many months in advance can I reserve a campsite through this website?

Tent Camping Gear

Booking a campsite online is the only way I know of on how to get a camping spot for the big summer holidays.

Mark T

I'm starting to believe this is a 'you've gotta know someone' kind of thing, at least to stay anywhere prime. Maybe you have to call the parks directly and just beg for help? I've tried forever to get a tent site in any one of 4 state parks we want to visit and they are always booked 11 months out to the DAY. If I'm lucky, a few days in August when it would be positively miserable are available.

A few years ago I worked on a lottery reservation system for campsites in the Australian state park system. I thought it was insane then but now I see why it was needed.

Rene A. Gowin

We are senior citizens and there are three of us couples, only one has a computer and they won't let him book for the rest of us using the same date.

Barbara S

There must be some new rule about booking more than one cabin under the same account as I have done this in previous years but suddenly this year was not allowed. All I did was open another account for my sister to book for her. It would have been nice if this new rule was actually posted somewhere.

Kathy Hooker

I tried to reserve 2 camp sites but was unable to do so even though I've always reserved several sites at the same time. What happened? Is this a glitch in the reservation system? Do I need to reserve as a group for 2 sites? We camp as a family and need more than one site.


Reservations are a gub-mental ludicrous red tape disfunctional joke. On Jan 16, 2011 I went through the process to make a reservation from May 13 - Aug 5 & every weekend was already full for a 2night stay. People reserve every weekend & then cancel week by week so they at least have them reserved. If I could I'd reserve every weekend to, just haven't figured out the right time to find them available yet.

Backpacking Camping Tent

What a nightmare! It seems that looking for campgrounds that are not on this system makes sense. Going to the places less traveled may be a better way.


Well it looks like Reserve America is nation wide as I am from Mass. and seeing all the comments from around the country. Complaining to them does no good as they only answer to the federal goverment and like everything else no one is paying attention, and we all know how fkd up they are


Remember you can only book 6 months in advance for most sites. The sites you want to book more than six month in advance won't even be available to book until February (i.e. reservations in August). Today is Jan. 22, 2011 and I could only book until July 22, 2011.

Barbara S

Actually the reservation window depends on where you are going. Here in NY state parks, you can book 9 months in advance.


Florida State Parks the reservation window is 11 months.. and it's still hard to get into some of the parks, especially the ones in the Florida Keys. Wish they had a waiting list, that way you could take advantage of cancelations.


This is the most frustrating and aggravating system on the face of the earth. It is next to impossible to get a site when you want one, and completely impossible to get a specific site that you may want. It's no better if you call or go on line, either way you cant make it work.


i also try and never get anything online or on the phone, everything gets booked in seconds for the summer for Carpinteria, CA does anyone know of another camp site close by? or any tricks to get a site online?


Hi Lily -

I tried to get Carpinteria this morning also! I got in at 8:03 and everything was sold out for 8/31 (7 nights). So aggravating!

Try McGrath State Beach...a little windy sometimes, but not bad.

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